Floor Sanding North Shore

Any restoration of hardwood floors starts with a thorough sanding. Sanding smoothes away any damage, gouge, and buildups that result from years of use. It can also remove top stains. Hence, sanding makes your floor a blank canvas. You can then customize the floors to match the rest of your interior decorations. Avail of our services from Floor Sanding North Shore to get a job well done.

Sanding softwood and hardwood floors require expertise and years of experience. Thankfully, at Floor Polishing North Shore, we provide you with both. Our team of experts and professionals have more than twenty years of experience with all kinds of floors works. Our professional wood restores know what degree of sanding is necessary to make your floors shine and refinish them. They can also minimize the lost materials.

We recommend you to avail of our repairing services for the longevity of your wooden floors. Our professionals are experts in

  • Repairing damaged surfaces
  • Replacing old, rotten boards
  • Buffing and sanding the floor surfaces for a smooth finish

Our team of experts will make your floor beautiful again by refinishing them. Contact Floor Sanding North Shore now to get the best services.

Our works

We are famous in Sydney for our expert sanding and flooring services. You can select what help you need from us with a detailed discussion with our experts. Be it staircase design, or sanding work, no job is too big or small for us.

At Floor Polishing North Shore, we provide personalized services, keeping your idea in mind. We also help you to get an honest estimate of the jobs along with consultations. All our services are handled by experts who have been with us for years. They are highly trained professionals, and you will be amazed at the excellent job they do.

Customer Services

We are determined to solve all your flooring problems. Hence, we have an interactive customer service. We want to satisfy all our customers. Hence, we offer counselling on your jobs. With over 20 years plus experience, you will find all your flooring solutions at Floor Polishing North Shore.

If you are tired of looking at your old, scratched and worn out wooden floorings, we can help you. Our team of experts can make them look just as good as the day they were first placed. We are also experts in creating a minimum amount of dust when we work. Hence, there is no need of worrying about spoiling the rest of your home.

We understand your concern and then offer our curated services. Call Floor Sanding North Shore now and get an estimate to your dream project.


We feel for your wooden flooring concerns, and want to offer our quality services. Opt for any service you require regarding your floor, and we promise to do our best. With our world-class equipment, we are willing to give our best to satisfy your requirements. Call us at Floor Polishing North Shore now for counselling.