Sanding and Polishing Services

With exceptional workmanship, Pro Sanders completes premium-quality sanding in Sydney for various areas of the residential or commercial building.

If your timber flooring is starting to look worn and needs to be spruced up back to shiny, we can achieve professional sanding of your home floor renovation whether it be the kitchen, corridor, living area or deck. Armed with the latest technologies and methodologies, for commercial establishments, Pro Sanders expertly sands areas such as school halls, retail or business floor and indoor sporting centres.

We are highly-equipped with specialist work sanding and polishing wooden and timber staircases. Our sanding equipment is designed to minimise dust issues so you can be confident with our expert sanding in Sydney.

Our service includes floor coating, buffing and protection from scratching so your floors stay as pristine as possible. We utilise premium grade materials and are proud of the work we can achieve for you.

Delivering exceptional service to each and every client, we aim for one hundred percent satisfaction. We assess your requirements and liaise with you throughout the process.

We believe in enhancing the look of your timber flooring so you enjoy walking on pristine floors that make your home or commercial property look outstanding.